Soothing heat and scented steam

Regenerating sauna sessions in the Dolomites

Summer or winter, you holiday in the Dolomites would not be complete without the soothing embrace of a steaming hot sauna.

In our welness area you can experience different sauna areas according to your mood. Lean back, close your eyes and feel the soothing warmth, now this is wellness in the Dolomites – at its very best.

The spacious new adults-only sauna area in the (640 m²) offers you:

  • Finnish panorama sauna with daily infusion
  • Panoramic bio sauna 
  • Sauna "mountain hut" for some real relax
  • Steam bath

Between one sauna session and the other, our wellness hotel in the Dolomites offers you several very comfortable relaxation rooms.

Please be informed that access to our saunas is reserved for adults only.

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The different saunas in our hotel

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna is characterised by temperatures ranging from 80° C to 90° C and low humidity. This helps cleanse the airways and relieve cough, boost blood circulation and metabolism and strengthen the immune system, improving psychophysical well-being. This Finnish sauna offers you a fantastic view on the Mount Santa Croce.

Turkish bath
The high level of humidity of 100% and the temperature from 45° C to 50° C in the Turkish bath dilates blood vessels, thereby improving circulation, helping loosen tensions and soothing the nerves. In this Turkish bath, designed by Starpool, the heat penetrates body tissue relieving minor muscular discomfort.

The Vitarium has a temperature of 60° C and 40% humidity. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it cleanses the airways and detoxifies the body. Combined with pure essential oils and relaxing music, the gentle heat stimulates the senses inducing a state of well-being. 

Sauna "Mountain hut"
The sauna "mountain hut" is ideal for sauna beginners. It is suitable for all those who prefer to avoid high temperatures but still want to enjoy the advantages of a sauna. With temperatures of 70° C, the sauna "mountain hut" a is less hot than the Finnish sauna – nevertheless, you can still be sure of pleasant sweating. The mountain hut reminds of the typical Scandinavian wood saunas, where snowy mountains, rivers and fascinating woods are the ideal framework for absolute relax.

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